Percussion Ensemble

Snapshot 2020: three core programs and concerts

Ages: 12-25

Instruments: Timpani, Percussion 

Auditions essential. Approximate level: AMEB (or equivalent) GR6+

Audition dates: late auditions for vacant positions only

Conductor: Tracey Patten

TYO Percussion Ensemble is a vibrant and versatile group which creates extension opportunities for advanced percussionists in the senior TYO ensembles. Participation in the ensemble provides a valuable context for the musicians’ private study and solo work and helps build the teamwork skills necessary for a high-functioning percussion section. The musicians learn repertoire designed to utilise a range of percussion skills not regularly required in larger ensembles. Through masterclass opportunities and contact with local professional percussionists, musicians gain a valuable opportunity to share techniques, musicianship and performance experiences.

Repertoire chosen for TYO Percussion Ensemble covers a wide range of musical styles and technical challenges and includes new compositions and arrangements of standard orchestral repertoire featuring percussion. The TYO Percussion Ensemble showcases the full range of percussion instruments and offers advanced technique development and repertoire extension for senior players. This ensemble is a regular revelation for concert audiences.  

Program dates 2020  

Program 1: 8 February to 16 May, with concert Saturday 16 May at the Federation Concert Hall

Program 2: 23 May to 23 August, concert either 22 or 23 August at the Farrall Centre

Program 3: 5 September to 8 November, with concert either 7 or 8 November

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