2018 Participant Information


Congratulations on your successful audition to our 2018 program! Before you respond to your offer, please read the following information and consider the time and commitment involved in accepting a position with TYO.  For further general information about TYO, please peruse the rest of our website.


There are two important documents you'll need during your time with TYO, plus a special rehearsal schedule if you’re in TYO (flagship orchestra). Download our 2018 Participant Handbook and Annual Planning Calendar (and the TYO rehearsal schedule) below and read on for further information about these documents.


Make sure you read and understand each of these documents as they constitute part of the agreement you have with us when you accept your offer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at info@tyo.org.au. We’re here to help!


Download: 2018 Participant handbook

Download: 2018 Annual Program Calendar

Download: 2018 TYO (flagship) rehearsal schedule (other ensembles can disregard this) (updated 06/04/18)


Annual Participation fees

Once you've accepted your offer, you’ll need to pay your fees. These are due before your first rehearsal. 


We endeavour to keep these as low and accessible as possible. Find out more information regarding player fees HERE, make payment HERE, or talk to us about Financial Assistance options.



Participant Handbook 

This document clearly communicates TYO's expectations of participants enrolling in our programs. By accepting your position in the TYO program, you are agreeing to abide by the conditions and expectations as set out in the Handbook. Download the Participant Handbook above.


Annual Planning Calendar

TYO rehearsal and performance dates are planned in the year prior to assist you in organising your diary and balancing your commitments. The copy of the calendar in the Participant Handbook is accurate at 8/12/17. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, this calendar is subject to change. Download the most up to date 2018 calendar above.


TYO Flagship rehearsal schedule

TYO (flagship) rehearses in projects outside of the standard annual program schedule.
TYO participants should download their 2018 rehearsal schedule above.
More detailed schedules for individual programs will be provided throughout the year.


Can't make it to rehearsal?

Let us know with as much warning as possible by emailing us at info@tyo.org.au.

If it's a last-minute absence, contact us via the TYO mobile - 0409 618 502.



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