Audition for TYO 2020

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All TYO ensembles still have some vacancies for 2020. Late auditions are usually held on Saturday mornings, immediately before TYO rehearsals. 

Each year, TYO offers young Tasmanian musicians at a range of developmental levels the opportunity to audition for TYO ensembles. From the youngest players aiming for Camerata Strings, to the exceptional young musicians of the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, auditions are an important opportunity to demonstrate technical proficiency, musicianship and a desire to learn and develop as a young musician. 

Audition requirements

Auditions will be five to seven minutes in duration. Please note two important changes from previous years.
  1. There are no orchestral excerpts required for TYO 2020 auditions. (Piano auditions are an exception.)
  2. The following requirements apply to all auditioned ensembles, regardless of level.
In your audition, you will be asked to demonstrate your technical ability and musicianship in three ways.
  1. Perform, unaccompanied, a short piece (three minutes or less) of your own choosing. You should select a piece that best demonstrates your level and abilities – but we recommend you choose something you know you can play well under pressure.
  2. Play two scales with the greatest level of proficiency you can demonstrate. Please choose your tempo and octave range according to your ability.
  3. Undertake a short piece of sight reading. (Provided.)
The audition panel will also ask you to briefly answer two questions.
  1. Why did you choose the piece you are playing today?
  2. Which TYO ensemble would you most like to join – and why?

Other useful details

Auditions are held at The Hutchins School, 71 Nelson Road, Sandy Bay, usually prior to scheduled TYO Saturday rehearsals.
An accompanist is neither required nor permitted in auditions.
Applicants should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their audition time for registration and warm up. (A warm-up room will be available.)
Parents are not permitted in the audition room; however they may assist their children in the warm-up room.
Further information will be provided with confirmation of your audition time. Read our Audition and Selection Policy here.
For any other questions, please contact us

Audition fees

Once an audition time has been confirmed, applicants will be issued with an invoice for the fee of $40 per audition. Please note the audition fee is not negotiable and must be paid prior to the audition. (Payments can be made online prior or by cash or eftpos on the day of the audition.) Applicants who have not paid will not be allowed to audition. Financial assistance is available for participation fees; but is not applicable to audition fees.

Recorded auditions

Recorded auditions are available to those who genuinely cannot attend on an in-person audition date; or for second instruments. Download a PDF of the requirements here.

Please note: we ask that applicants submitting recorded auditions submit their first take. Multiple attempts at a piece or scale are not available to in-person applicants and should not be utilised for recorded auditions. Thank you for respecting your musical colleagues and this request.  

Audition outcomes

The audition assessor/s will discuss placement decisions with TYO's General Manager following the audition and applicants will be advised of their audition outcome, either immediately (in person) for late auditions, or by email. Please note that TYO may advise an offer of placement as an audition outcome; but TYO does not release audition ‘scores’. Scores are confidential to the panel. 

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