Financial Assistance

We strongly believe that music is an essential part of life that all young people should be able to take part in.

The TYO is committed to ensuring its programs are available to all young Tasmanian musicians, regardless of financial situation. While annual fees only represent a portion of the value of our programs, we are pleased to offer a range of financial assistance options for those who may find that cost prohibitive.

Who can apply?

Anyone who finds the fees or long-distance travel prohibitive to joining TYO.

What are my options?

We aim to offer a few alternatives that we hope will suit your needs. Essentially, this is encompassed by three options and we ask you to tell us what level of support will best assist you: 

Payment Plan

We can set up incremental payment dates over the first few months of the year to assist with cash flow or to ease the post-Christmas-start-of-school-year financial strain. 


Bursaries will be means-tested and are available to those experience financial difficulties or incurring additional travel costs in order to attend TYO rehearsals. We are especially excited to offer more bursaries in 2019 than ever before and, in partnership with the Tasmanian Government, additional funds are available especially for Department of Education students.

Travel Assistance

Do you live outside of the Hobart region and need help getting to rehearsals? Perhaps concert weekends are a strain due to overnight accommodation. Travel Assistance is available for reasonable costs associated with participating in TYO - let us know about your expenses and what level of support you need.

Financial Assistance Guidelines

TYO requires successful applicants (and their guardian if under 18 years of age) to acknowledge the support given to them by meeting the conditions listed below:

Commit to participating in TYO for the length of the position (ie to Sun 4 Nov).
Adhere to terms described in the TYO Participant Handbook at all times.
Be available to represent TYO to perform at events or special concerts for our supporters, as reasonably requested.
Participants (and their guardians if applicable) may be asked to volunteer their time to assist TYO in administration tasks or event activities, as reasonably requested.
If a participant does not adhere to the TYO Participant Handbook or has an unacceptable number of absences resulting in their position being cancelled, they are liable to return the FULL value of the scholarship, regardless of the period of participation.

The distribution of these finite funds is at the discretion of the TYO Board and that decision is final.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact TYO administration on

Where does this support come from?

TYO has some wonderful supporters who see the value in what we do and want to ensure all young Tasmanians can access TYO programs.

The Tasmanian Government supports TYO to enable us to subsidise the true cost of program operations. They also provide funds to directly support students from Department of Education schools and those experiencing financial hardship.

The TSO Friends are the bridge between the orchestra and the audience and offer support to young Tasmanians in their pursuit of musical excellence. Through this partnership, two orchestral musicians will be eligible for partial fee bursary in TYO’s annual program.

Hobart College supports its students with partial fee bursaries to build upon the learnings of school and pursue excellence at all levels.


Read more about our supporters and how to become one here.

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