Interview - Shannon Parums, TYO Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Shannon Parums has just joined the TYO team in a brand new role. We're so excited to have her as our Marketing and Communications Coordinator! 

What’s your background (music or otherwise)?

I absolutely love music and was a keen participant in the choir and various bands at high school (where I rocked the saxophone - well, my 13-year-old-self thought so). Due to the nature of the curriculum at that time, however, there came a point where I had to choose between music and visual arts. Having been an avid drawer from a young age, visual arts was such a huge part of my life (and where my heart lay) so I had to leave music behind. Fine arts remains a passion of mine and I studied it at the University of Tasmania in the 90s (you're doing the age calculation thing right now aren't you...) and then went on to study Graphic Design and Multimedia.

My love of arts led me to an administration role with Arts Tasmania. Being there fostered in me a love of arts in a much broader context and I grew to appreciate the beauty and power of all artforms and the ways in which they enrich our lives and culture. It was an honour to apply my graphic design skills within that role to promote the arts across Tasmania. Through Deakin studies and an Australia Council Mentorship, I grew to love marketing in the broader context and found that it complemented my design skills and gave me a more, well-rounded approach to promotion.

I also love animals and am currently training as a vet nurse. I love the ride life takes you on so I'm just going with it! Not music-related but I am thinking of ways in which I can craft items from dog fur.

Why did you want to work with TYO?

My passion for the arts has been lifelong, however my passion for youth education and the provision of quality development opportunities outside of the school environment grew from the birth of my son. I became aware of the work of TYO while working for Arts Tasmania. I always admired the quality of the program they offered young Tasmanians and the professional way the organisation conducted itself.

The vision of the TYO - To inspire, develop and nurture young Tasmanians, to perform the very best they can and enjoy a lifelong love of music - resonates deeply with me. I want my child to be able to able to access quality programs that nurtures what he loves. I want him to learn in an environment that is supportive and inclusive, and I want to know that the organisation delivering the program is professional and passionate about what they do.

When the opportunity arose to work with the TYO in a marketing capacity it was a no brainer. And I hope that through my role I can assist the TYO to reach new audiences so that they too can share in the numerous benefits gained from participating in, listening to, or supporting, the TYO. 

When you aren’t working at your various jobs, what do you like to spend your time doing?

I love getting outdoors amongst it while spending time with my little family – both the two and four legged members. I am also a keen reader and am obsessed with squeezing in a few pages between any task or destination. Food is also a big part of my life – and not just because I need it! I enjoy cooking it, eating it, growing it and rearing it. As you can imagine my love of books and food are the perfect crossover and as a result I own a ridiculous amount of cook books. 

What kind of music do you listen to?

I have eclectic taste in music and am keen on a range on genres from Jazz and Blues, to 90s grunge, Old School Metal, Pop and Indie. To me Spotify is a godsend as it allows me to indulge in my fancy for the day no matter how obscure. I did however make somewhat of a rooky error by giving my 9-year-old son access to my Spotify. I’m now often subjected to terrible dance/trance music he’s kindly saved to my playlists. A DJ in the making maybe?

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