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Tasmania is set to be enriched in 2019 with a fantastic program from Tasmanian Youth Orchestra. Young musicians across the state will be granted opportunities to grow their musical ability in a range of ensembles, across the course of the year.

Tasmanian Youth Orchestra (TYO) currently offers eight musical ensembles, including the Flagship Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as Percussion, Wind and String ensembles. Students can also get involved with TYO’s two choirs: the Junior Chorale for children aged 7 to 12, and the Youth Chorale for those aged 11 to 25. 2019 will even see a brand new Ensemble Workshop Program presented in the north of the state.

“2018 has been such a great year for us and 2019 is looking even better. There’s plenty of wonderful music planned, and our incredible team of conductors are just superb to work with. Students interested in getting involved will love working with them and gain so much more than technical development on their instrument.”

Music education provides students with far more than learning a musical instrument. In September, ABC News reported that the “Crescendo” program operating in Western Australian schools had contributed to higher NAPLAN results and improvements in the social and emotional wellbeing of program participants. TYO provides Tasmanian students with the opportunity to participate in musical education within a group setting.

“Making music with friends is such a fun way to learn so many beneficial skills such as team-work, empathy, problem-solving, leadership, communication and so much more. This is team sport for musicians and the ensemble setting that TYO provides is really special – we are not just nurturing musical skills but all of those intangible, creative, life-things that employers are looking for in their recruits these days. This truly is music for life!”

TYO’s programs cater to young musicians from the ages of 7 through to 25, providing opportunities for all skill levels. Audition applications are currently being accepted for all programs in the 2019 calendar year. Details can be found at the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra website,

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