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Registration are open for late auditions for TYO orchestras and specialist ensembles! 

Late auditions are available for vacant positions throughout 2022. If you suit one of the vacancies below or would like to try for a general audition please click the registration button above.

The Tasmanian Youth Orchestra (TYO Flagship)

Vacancies: Oboe, Bassoon, Double Bass, Viola, Piano, Tuba

General auditions: Strings, Percussion


TYO Chamber Orchestra

Vacancies: Viola, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, Percussion

General auditions: Strings


TYO Sinfonietta

Vacancies: Viola, Oboe, Bassoon, All Brass and Percussion

General auditions: Strings


TYO Camerata Strings

Vacancies: Viola

General auditions: All strings

Audition registrations open: NOW

Auditions: Saturday 14 May 2022

TYO 2022 Program 2 begins: Saturday 21 May 2022


Auditions will be up to 10 minutes in duration. You will audition to a panel of two to three musical specialists. Your audition will also be videoed. In your audition, you will be asked to demonstrate your technical ability and musicianship in the following ways.

  • Play two short excerpts, which will be provided to you up to three weeks prior to the audition.

  • Perform, unaccompanied, a short piece (three minutes or less) of your own choosing. You should select a piece that best demonstrates your level and abilities – but we recommend you choose something you know you can play well under pressure.

  • Play two scales with the greatest level of proficiency you can demonstrate. Choose your tempo and octave range according to your ability and if possible, vary your articulation between scales.

  • Depending on the ensemble, sight reading may be included in the audition.


  • An accompanist is neither required nor permitted in auditions. 

  • Parents are not permitted in the audition room. 


  • Auditions will be held at the Hutchins School in Sandy Bay. Full venue details will be advised when your audition time is confirmed.

  • Recorded audition options are available for anyone who cannot audition in person on the scheduled dates.

  • Auditions will be conducted in accordance with the TYO Audition and Selection Policy 2020.

  • Applicants should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their audition time for registration and warm up. (A warm-up room will be available.)

  • Parents may assist their child in the warm-up room if absolutely necessary; however, to support COVIDSafe operations we prefer parents to sign their child into auditions then wait outside the venue. Your child will be well supported to warm up and move to the audition room when the panel is ready for them.

  • Parents are not permitted in the audition room. 

  • Further information will be provided with confirmation of your audition time. 


  • Once an audition time has been confirmed, applicants will be issued with an invoice for the fee of $40 per audition. 

  • Please note the audition fee is not negotiable and must be paid prior to the audition. (Payments can be made online prior or by cash or eftpos on the day of the audition.)

  • Applicants who have not paid will not be allowed to audition.

  • Financial assistance is available for participation fees once selected; but is not available for audition fees.


  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their audition in mid-December 2021.

  • The audition assessor/s will discuss placement decisions with TYO's General Manager following the audition and ensemble offers will be allocated from the successful auditionees.

  • Please note that TYO may provide feedback following an audition but TYO does not release audition ‘scores’ or release the audition video. Scores and video are confidential to the panel. 

  • More information is available in the TYO Audition and Selection Policy