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TYO Connections Program

Increasing opportunities for young musicians around Tasmania

  • Through its TYO Connections program, TYO offers opportunities for young Tasmanian musicians living outside of Hobart to participate in advanced TYO ensembles – without having to travel to Hobart every week.

  • TYO Connections places are currently offered for the TYO Chamber Orchestra and the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra. Connections musicians participate through a combination of online and in person attendance.

  • Please note that like all TYO places, Connections placements are auditioned – so a placement within the program depends on a successful audition.

  • If you are interested, please register for an audition and let us know in the comments section of the registration form that you are interested in participating through the Connections model.


How TYO Connections Works

  • Young musicians living outside the Hobart area can audition to be part of the TYO Chamber Orchestra or the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra and – if successful in their audition – apply to utilise the ‘hybrid’ TYO Connections model.

  • TYO Connections players need to commit to attending one in every three TYO rehearsals in person in Hobart.

  • Travel support, in the form of mileage payments, is available if required to support participation for travel to in-person rehearsals in Hobart.

  • In the intervening weeks, TYO rehearsals will be videoed and a link sent to any musicians participating through Connections.

  • Connections musicians need to commit to formally reviewing/playing along with these rehearsal videos each week, to ensure they can develop with their peers;
    and keep pace with the development of the works.

  • All Connections musicians are expected to attend the final rehearsal prior to a concert in person; and to be available for all performance


Normal TYO participation fees still apply; but TYO believes that fees should never be a barrier to participation. Fees assistance is available to eligible TYO musicians, including all Connections musicians.

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